About IceBreaker

App IconIce Breaker is a business app that helps facilitate face-to-face interactions at networking events in order to help people overcome social anxiety and maximize networking opportunities.

Every attendee would receive an email invitation from the event host/moderator to download the app, and asked to answer 5-6 questions about themselves such as first name, occupation, favorite topic of conversation, networking goal, etc. As each attendee participates, their profiles are added to the app. You can then further customize the app with things such as contact information, a photo, etc.  If someone happened to find the app on the app store and download, they would not be directed to enter information, but instead would be prompted to find an event.

Once you open the app, you can see who will be attending along with their answers to the questions. You would then be able to make a list of individuals that you would like to network with. You can either keep this list private, or notfiy the other person that you wish to meet in order to pre-plan.

Once each attendee checks-in at the event, their profile turns green. You would then be able to select the other attendees that are also checked-in and send them an instant message alerting them you are ready to talk. After finishing your discussion, you can then easily share your chosen contact information directly through the app with one-touch.

The goals of this app are to:

1. Assist shy individuals in starting conversations

2. To provide a preview of attendees so that you can strategically plan your interactions to maximize your efficiency

3. To create an entertaining, game-like atmosphere at the events.

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